Bay Area Activities for Preschoolers: Harvest Season!

 Ah, autumn. A time of harvest in the Bay Area, and the season to enjoy some quality time out of the house before weather changes and the holidays tuck us inside to hibernate. Whatever your child’s interests, there’s probably a fall festival out there for it! We’ve culled the best of the best of the […]

I Don’t Like Mondays: Tips for dealing with your child’s separation anxiety

“The transition to preschool is often marked with two steps forward, one step back, as your child grows and learns in amazing ways — but at the same time, regresses in some behaviors, too.” – Child psychiatrist Joshua Sparrow, M.D. & co-author of Touchpoints 3 to 6 Separation anxiety is a common preschool phenomenon. Your […]

Preschool: Is Your Child Ready?

The challenges of preschool present an exciting first step in your child’s formal education. But is your child ready? Even with prescribed enrollment ages and required milestones like potty training and independent eating, parents have a few things to consider when assessing their child’s preschool readiness. “Research shows that two of the biggest skills children […]

Changes in Hours this Fall 2013

We’d like to announce two changes to our upcoming schedule. These changes will be implemented starting this Fall semester. Nomura Preschool will be opening a half-hour earlier starting this fall. We will open at 7am instead of the current time, 7:30am. We will also be offering what we call a mid-day program, running from 8:30am […]

Graduation ‘12: Onwards and Upwards

Graduation Day at Nomura Preschool is traditionally an opportunity for our oldest students to showcase the skills they’ve developed over years of learning together. It’s also the time for Nomura teachers and staff to celebrate the students with a processional walk with their parents and family members in attendance. It’s a time for the entire […]

The Nomura Classroom: All in a Day’s Fun

Preschool students know their classrooms intimately. They can tell you where everything is in vivid detail – after all, the classroom is a child’s home away from home. At Nomura Preschool, our four classrooms set the stage for each class’ adventure in learning. Bright displays of students’ artwork decorate the walls, along with fun learning […]

Arts & Music for Preschoolers in the East Bay, CA

From our roots as a music preschool in Mrs. Faith Nomura’s Berkeley home, we at Nomura Preschool believe that exposure to art and music at an early age has an enormous positive influence on children. Cognitive development, social life, creative life and physical skill building are all strengthened in the viewing and creating of art […]

Nomura Preschool: 2011 Highlights

Nomura Preschool children are encouraged to be active participants with their peers and in their communities. We love to host events and special guests at our Richmond Annex, CA campus, and we explore the SF Bay Area with several field trips throughout the year. 2011 was a great year for Nomura Preschool. We completed our […]

Nomura Preschool installs new playground structures

Understanding the Importance of Gross Motor Play in Early Childhood Development A January 2012 study in Pediatrics found that many children in preschool were not meeting recommended levels of physical activity. The study found that three barriers – injury concerns, small operating margins, and prioritization of academics – were preventing children from the gross motor […]