The Nomura Classroom: All in a Day’s Fun

Preschool students know their classrooms intimately. They can tell you where everything is in vivid detail – after all, the classroom is a child’s home away from home. At Nomura Preschool, our four classrooms set the stage for each class’ adventure in learning. Bright displays of students’ artwork decorate the walls, along with fun learning aids. At every turn, there is something fun to do. Nomura Preschool teachers take pride in the organized curating of their classroom learning stations. We’ve detailed a few of our favorite features below.

Learning Stations

Learning stations are placed throughout our four classrooms. The children can listen to music or hear stories narrated while they follow along with the book. Other stations include puzzle areas, toy shelves, model train, water tables, and magazine/book library areas for the older classes.

The Train set in the Rooster Classroom








Quiet time in the Chicky 'soft room'








Puzzling it out








A Penguin student listens along








The Big Table

A kid-sized table and set of chairs provide a workspace for art making, science experiments, and academic learning at the whiteboard for the older classes. It’s also an eating and snack-time area. (Thankfully, the floors in this area are easy to mop, if the lesson gets messy.)

Drawing Time!
Painting Time!







Sculpting Roosters


Imagination Zones

Preschool students love to use their imaginations together, and Nomura Preschool encourages this kind of free imaginative play with our kid-sized ‘play pretend’ areas. Costumes and props help make their imagination come alive. The Kitchen and Market are especially popular!

A Panda chef-in-training
Feeling the love for fresh produce!


As you can see here, the Nomura Preschool classroom is a bustling place! If you’d like to take a tour of our Richmond Annex campus, located just two minutes from the Carlson Blvd exit off of I-80 or I-580 on the border of El Cerrito and Albany, please call or contact to arrange a tour. Or, visit the school during one of its Open Houses, scheduled periodically throughout the year. For more about applying for a spot for your child, visit our Admissions page.


Nomura Preschool is a Bay Area preschool located on the El Cerrito – Albany border in Richmond, CA, whose focus has always centered on providing healthy social, academic, and physical development experiences for children ages 2 to 5. Conveniently located along the I-80 and I-580 corridor, Nomura Preschool proudly works with Bay Area families in Berkeley, El Cerrito, Albany, Richmond, Point Richmond, Kensington, Marina Bay, San Pablo, Hercules, and Pinole since 1964.