Our History

Violin (14) Nomura Preschool’s commitment to education and the development of the whole child dates back to its founding in 1964 by Mrs. Faith Nomura when she opened a small music preschool in Berkeley, California. Now located on the border of El Cerrito and Albany, the current campus features a cluster of houses that offers a comfortable, home-like setting, with plenty of indoor/outdoor space for play, providing an excellent venue for children to learn about themselves and their environment.

Nomura Preschool’s educational philosophy is the basic understanding of and respect for each child as an individual. Our school strives to address the comprehensive educational needs of the whole, multi-faceted child. At Nomura Preschool, the child is the focus, the teacher the facilitator. The academic, emotional, physical and social development of each child is the basis for every phase of our program. Rich learning experiences are designed to inspire creative expression and to promote critical thinking. Students learn through cooperation as well through individual projects. This encourages good citizenship and leadership qualities necessary to effectively and ethically participate in an ever-changing world.


Since learning occurs at every level, from the simplest art form to the most complex activities, we begin with a prepared environment which fosters age appropriate learning. Music, art, yoga, and field trips are included in our enriching curriculum for a program of maximum effectivenes

 Nomura Preschool students understand that building the foundation of a good education is an exciting and rewarding daily process. They participate actively in the learning process and enjoy every aspect of their growth and development. Most of all, they enjoy a love of learning and discovery that will remain with them for a lifetime.

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