History & Philosophy

Nomura Preschool’s commitment to education and the development of the whole child dates back to its founding in 1964 as a small music preschool in Berkeley, California by Mrs. Faith Nomura.  Now located on the border of El Cerrito and Albany, our newly updated and expanded campus maintains the look and feel of a cozy, welcoming village for our young learners.

Nomura’s educational philosophy is to respect and understand each child as an individual.  We understand that every child is different and brings his or her own unique traits to the classroom, so we use that as the focus to help promote emotional, social, physical and cognitive development.  Rich learning experiences are designed to inspire creative expression, build self esteem, and inspire curiosity and imagination.

In addition, preschool-age children are beginning to transition towards greater self-sufficiency.  It’s important to teach young children how to begin to care for themselves and others, and to begin to take on small responsibilities.  For example, preparing for rest time at Nomura Preschool is a collaborative effort, with students assisting teachers until they are eventually able to make up their mats on their own. 

For Nomura Preschool students, building the foundation of a good education is an exciting and rewarding daily process. They participate actively in the learning process and enjoy every aspect of their growth and development. Most of all, they begin the journey toward a love of learning and discovery that will remain with them for a lifetime.