Extracurricular Activities

Nomura Preschool offers a variety of student extracurricular classes for a modest fee. Classes are held once a week between 12pm-1pm and are approximately 30 minutes in length. Children love trying these new activities with their friends. Parents appreciate not having to drive to classes on the weekends. Most classes have an end-of-the-year performance so the students can show off the skills they have learned.


Run by Soccer Shots, our soccer program offers a high energy, fun, age-appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer.   In class, coaches emphasize soccer skills and character development.


Gymnastics classes are comprised of a variety of activities that are customized to each child’s age and skill level.  Emphasis is placed on developing motor skills, gymnastics, hand-eye coordination, and large muscle control.


Ballet class focuses on general movement and is geared for the preschool student to give them an appreciation for dance and music.  Classes build large motor skills, rhythm, balance, and an awareness of space.

Hip Hop Dance

In our Hip Hop class, students learn to express themselves through music and dance, and stay fit while doing it!


This introduction class focuses on the basics, including finger numbers, finding middle C, single finger movement training, rhythm development and ear training.