Nomura Preschool installs new playground structures

Understanding the Importance of Gross Motor Play in Early Childhood Development

A January 2012 study in Pediatrics found that many children in preschool were not meeting recommended levels of physical activity. The study found that three barriers – injury concerns, small operating margins, and prioritization of academics – were preventing children from the gross motor play vital to their healthy development. The study concludes that preschools should be mindful of the unintended consequences of certain policies.

Bars of graduated heights are great for hanging out

With the installation of brand new play structures and rubberized flooring in 2011, Nomura Preschool has committed fully to the holistic value of physical activity in the lives of our young students. Physical activity which includes gross motor play is, first and foremost, an excellent opportunity for self-discovery.

Creativity, imagination, language building, cooperation, and physical development are all part of outdoor play. At the playground, preschool-age children encounter other children on their own, negotiating concepts of sharing and problem-solving to climb a little higher or find a new way to engage with the play structure. The playground sparks the kids into game invention and group imagination building, improving language skills and team bonding.

Climbing with confidence

The Nomura Preschool playground has a variety of play options, making it approachable and fun for our full age range. Deck heights and climbers vary in size and required skill set, so as children grow, new parts of the structure become accessible. These decks create numerous cozy and shaded play areas underneath them. Good playground equipment will allow for greater freedom to make choices within a safe environment; appropriate choices lead to a sense of success and self-esteem when a child finds his or her own way to accomplish a task, whether it’s to climb, slide, spin or navigate a challenging area.

Good design means dynamic play

While free roaming is one of the delights of the playground, safety is always a concern. Teachers are always present to watch and supervise, and only appropriate age groups play on the equipment at the same time to prevent injury.

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