Activities for Preschoolers

Activities for Preschoolers

Five Albums You & Your Kids Will Both Love

Don’t suffer through Kidz Bop on repeat. It’s not worth it. Kids can appreciate all kinds of music, including albums by contemporary artists. These five albums get high points for sing-along-ability, clear vocals and solid melodies to keep your kids dancing on the living room rug, singing to themselves or happily driving with you in […]

The Vegetable Garden at Nomura Preschool

    As Spring blossoms into Summer in the San Francisco Bay Area, students at Nomura Preschool are observing the little seeds they sowed back in February turning into fully grown vegetables. Come harvest time, students and their parents share the bounty of lettuce, broccoli, bush beans, carrots, spinach, green onions, assorted colored peppers, pumpkins […]

Bay Area Activities for Preschoolers: Harvest Season!

 Ah, autumn. A time of harvest in the Bay Area, and the season to enjoy some quality time out of the house before weather changes and the holidays tuck us inside to hibernate. Whatever your child’s interests, there’s probably a fall festival out there for it! We’ve culled the best of the best of the […]