Family activities for preschool children in Pinole, CA

Families of the San Francisco Bay Area are fortunate to have lots of choices when it comes to fun, educational activities for preschool children. The gorgeous natural setting of the Bay Area offers preschool children a diverse landscape to see and explore. The agricultural and historical bounties of the East Bay and San Francisco enrich the senses and inspire wonder.

With its close proximity (2 min drive) to I-80 and I-580, Nomura Preschool straddles several communities in the East Bay, CA. This convenient location between Hercules, Pinole, San Pablo, Richmond, El Cerrito, Albany, Kensington and Berkeley allows parents to quickly drop off their child without adding significant commute time.

As a longtime member of East Bay communities and a cultural leader in Bay Area preschool care, Nomura Preschool children and parents are encouraged to apply their imaginations and curiosity to the world around them. To that end, we’ve developed a short list of children’s activities for each of our local East Bay cities. By no means comprehensive, these lists include a few city-specific places, events and organizations where your child can grow and have fun.

Dugout Batting Range

1736 San Pablo Ave, Pinole / 510.724.8290

Weather permitting

Features: Baseball & Softball slow-pitch, Birthday parties, night-time play, group reservations

AMF Pinole Valley Lanes

1580 Pinole Valley Rd, Pinole / 510.724.9130

Point Pinole

Pinole residents have a beautiful park in Point Pinole Regional Park, offering pier fishing, hiking, and bike trails. Allow your child to explore the coastline of our beautiful bay.

More Pinole Parks

A comprehensive list of parks, playgrounds and open field areas in the City of Pinole, CA.