Ducky Class (3 years)

Duckies are potty trained, know how to express themselves, and show courtesy and good sharing skills. As a transition class, the Duckies work on good citizenship, letters and numbers, painting and sculpture crafts, talking about stories, and patterns. Teachers of Duckies set an encouraging, individualized pace for learning.

Duckies follow the same schedule and curriculum as the older Crane students but at a slower, more individualized pace.  This helps the younger three year-old students to build their confidence before moving on to the  next class.

*In addition to regular classroom teachers, the Ducky Class also has music, Japanese, Spanish, and yoga lessons from specialized teachers every week.

  • Gallery
  • Curriculum
  • Schedule
Month Language Math Science Values Art
September Introduction to the alphabet Sorting Categories Five Senses Honesty Painting without brushes
October Same and Different Shapes Body Parts Respect Color Mixing
November Rhyming Words Size Comparisons Farm Animals Courage Mixed Media
December Story Telling Counting and Writing 1-5 Hibernation and Migration Empathy Using Recycled Materials
January Phonics Counting and Writing 6-10 Jungle Animals Trust Sculpting with Clay
February Poetry Sequencing Dental Health Compassion Sewing
March Beginning Sounds Number Concepts Sea Life Making Good Choices 3D Art
April Fairy Tales Ratios Plants and Seeds Sensitivity Textured Art
May Creating Our Own Stories Problem Solving Farm Animals Caring Art with Natural Materials
June Reciting Poems Math Review Insects Responsibility Patterns and Designs
July Summer Themes
August Summer Themes
Morning Schedule
7:30 School Opens
Inside/Outside Play
9:00 Circle Time
9:30 (alternate days) Music/Japanese/Spanish/Yoga
10:00 Inside/Outside Play
10:30 Academic Time/Center Time
11:00 Lunch Time
12:00 Outside Play
Afternoon Schedule
1:00 Naptime
3:00 Wake up from nap and snack time
3:45 Library and Story Time
4:00 Center Time
5:00 Outside Play
5:30 School Closes