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We’re proud to present the following testimonials from our Nomura Preschool parents and guardians:

We have watched our daughter Lilia blossom at Nomura Preschool. The kind and loving environment has helped to nurture her love of learning. She’s always excited to attend and when she comes home we are treated to songs, stories, poems, yoga or dance moves she has learned. We feel so lucky to be part of the close knit community of teachers, parents and children alike.



Nomura Preschool is good for both of my children because the program is so rich in contents, the teachers are so loving and caring, and most of all, my kids are so happy and excited every day! The academics here are excellent.  However, what makes Nomura Preschool most special is its unique music and physical education programs—the twice-a-week music classes by a specialist, the twice-a-week morning assemblies by Mrs. Nomura, the yearly Winter Concerts in December and Graduation Ceremonies in June, the weekly PE classes, and the extracurricular pre-piano, violin, ballet, gymnastic and karate classes.  As far as I know, no other preschool in the area comes even close to its program offerings.  Kids here are stimulated, having fun, and thriving!

San Rafael


I’m really satisfied with the school. It’s a structured, well organized & well managed school, especially with those responsible teachers. Instead of resisting going to school at the beginning, my daughter is extremely expecting to go to school every day, which is the most relieved thing to parents! After attending school, we see Blanca’s quick development on language, social & reading skills, and she has developed good habit of doing homework after school which is important for her future school life. Also, she can sing many songs not only in English but also in Japanese now! And with those enrichment classes like piano, ballet & gym, my daughter almost become a little musician! Thanks Nomura!

Bonnie, Blanca’s Mom
Richmond Annex


With Nomura, I know that my child gets the next closest thing to having his parents around. Teachers and administrative staff alike go to great lengths to provide a caring and stimulating environment for all the children. Trust is what comes to my mind when I think of Nomura: trust in knowing that our child receives the best possible care and attention he needs at this stage in his development.

A. Wong


I have had 2 children go through Nomura Preschool and they couldn’t be happier. Both of my kids were so comfortable there. The environment and teachers are loving, supportive and fun. There are too many times to count where my kids did not want to leave at the end of the day! We have seen our children learn and develop in so many wonderful ways. My husband and I were so glad to find a school like Nomura where we felt the teachers were like a second family.  We are going to miss it so much when my daughter goes to Kindergarten in the fall.

Richmond Annex


We decided to send our daughter to Nomura school based on its academic strength, the kindness of their teachers and the fact that they incorporate a musical program into their curriculum.  We have been nothing but pleased with how our daughter has progressed both socially and academically throughout her stay at the Nomura School.  She’s clearly ready for kindergarten and hasn’t even finished her last year at the school.  Our daughter has also found some very good friends and we have become friends with the parents at the school.  If you’re looking for a school that has a strong academic program surrounded by many fun creative activities, then the Nomura school is a great choice.

Mako and Lianne Jitodai
El Cerrito


We’ve watched one child grow and flourish through his Chicky to Penguin years and are now watching our second child through the same experience. Nomura provides a warm, nurturing and diverse environment while still providing a solid academic foundation.

Christy and Bob
El Cerrito


Nomura Preschool has been a wonderful place for our now 4 year old son to learn, grow, and develop.  At 2.5 years of age, our son joined the Chicky class. I couldn’t have imagined a warmer or more welcoming environment for him; he was embraced in a way that quickly eased his anxieties as well as ours. As our son has moved through the various classes, it is clear that each of the teachers has placed their own signature stamp on the classroom environment, yet each one has been as warm and friendly as that first experience. We’ve been very pleased with the opportunities for academic and social development at Nomura and feel that our son is well prepared to begin kindergarten in the fall. This year, as a Penguin, he is learning Japanese and has the opportunity to participate in fun and educational field trips. What I personally like and appreciate most about Nomura, is that it feels very much like a family. Mrs. Nomura, the founder, still visits the school on a weekly basis. Mr. Clark, the administrator, pleasantly greets us as we enter each morning. Our son receives a hug or a high-five from teachers as he departs in the evening and I get to chat with teachers and fellow parents as if they are dear, old friends. Lastly, amidst a host of personal challenges over the last 2 years, the folks at Nomura have offered not only kind and comforting words of encouragement, but acts of kindness beyond anything that we could have anticipated or expected; their generosity and kindheartedness is never-ending. We love Nomura.

Tiffany Grimsley and Angel Vazquez


As educators my husband and I took tremendous time and consideration in selecting the right preschool for our son. We couldn’t be happier with our ultimate decision to begin his educational journey at Nomura. The school is an extremely nurturing place where every child thrives. Mrs. Lucy and the teachers are incredible and attentive to our child’s needs. The school offers an array of enrichment programs including music, karate, Japanese as well as a state of the art out door play structure. Furthermore, Nomura provides an exceptional program with experienced teachers that prepare your child academically and socially for kindergarten success and beyond. We only wish that Nomura offered a pre-k – 12th grade program.

Timothy Hamp MPA and Sandra Hamp MS


Nomura Preschool is an absolutely spectacular gem in the Richmond Annex!  The school itself is very well organized and clean which makes it a wonderful environment for your toddler to explore.  In addition, the teachers are all very loving and knowledgeable about child development and learning – their curriculum is based upon just the right balance between academic and creative learning while also providing enough time for free play.  I particularly love the fact that the school values the importance of creating an updated environment for the children to learn, and feel confident that the money I am spending on tuition is money well spent.  There have been many new updates in just the last couple of years including creating a much safer and improved playground for the kids to enjoy!  I couldn’t be happier with my experience with this preschool and know that it will be the perfect fit for your family as well!

Sarah Chester

For more independent parent reviews, visit the Berkeley Parents Network‘s Nomura Preschool page. Berkeley Parents Network is affiliated with UC Berkeley and provides an excellent resource for SF Bay Area parents.