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Nomura Preschool offers toddler, intermediate, and pre-kindergarten classes. Children are placed by age and readiness. Please click on the links to learn more about individual classrooms, including curriculum, schedules, and full descriptions.

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Chicky Class (2 Yrs)

This first class at Nomura Preschool lays the foundations for learning readiness and social interaction. Here we focus on sharing, role-playing, listening and communication. Colors, number concepts, animals, holidays, and feelings all enter into the Chicky curriculum. We make music a big part of the day, and we also work on potty-training.

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Rooster Class (2 Yrs)

Roosters are our older twos, and continue to build on the skills they learn in the Chicky class. Children focus on playing well in groups, self help skills, and language development. The Roosters also learn colors, shapes, number concepts, and new vocabulary through fun and engaging play. Children and teachers in the Rooster and Chicky classes often co-mingle to increase opportunities for social learning.

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Ducky Class (3 Years)

Duckies are potty trained, know how to express themselves, and show courtesy and good sharing skills. As a transition class, the Duckies work on good citizenship, letters and numbers, painting and sculpture crafts, talking about stories, and patterns. Teachers of Duckies set an encouraging, individualized pace for learning.

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Crane Class (3-4 Yrs)

Cranes are increasingly self-sufficient and begin to participate in math/reading exercises and games. Crane students work on calendars, shapes and patterns, and science topics like weather and seasons. They also work on writing skills and encourage imaginative free play with a variety of games and a library of books in the classroom.

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Puffin Class (4-5 Yrs)

Pre-k teachers focus on skills that prepare our Puffins for kindergarten. Writing, pre-reading skills, beginner math and creative arts are all used to encourage a love of learning and self-expression. Puffin graduates go off to elementary school with social awareness and academic confidence.

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Penguin Class (Bridge-K)

Bridge Kindergarten is similar to our Pre-Kindergarten classroom and is designed to challenge our 4 year old students who turn 5 shortly after September. The Penguin Class covers similar concepts as a kindergarten classroom at an age appropriate level. Upon graduation, our Penguin Class graduates enter Kindergarten with a complete grasp of all the skills needed to succeed.

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